Engravable Stainless Cuff Bracelet
Engravable Stainless Cuff Bracelet

Engravable Stainless Cuff Bracelet

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Create a special keepsake bracelet with your child's or a family members’ handwritten message for yourself or someone you love.

The stainless-steel material of this dramatic domed cuff bracelet makes it an affordable, tough, and easy-to-wear piece. Stainless steel is an excellent white-metal alternative for customers with nickel sensitivities.

How to Order

Upload your file using the "Choose File" feature above. We accept scanned images, photos, and sound files.

If you are scanning an image, please scan at the highest resolution for the best quality engraving. 

If you are sending a photo, take the photo by centering the image on the phone screen as best possible. *Please be aware: older images with light colors or discolorations may not offer a crisp finished look.*

Heart Beat Engraving: Upload your file using the "Choose File" feature above. 

Handwritten/Drawn Engraving: Upload your file or image using the "Choose File" feature above.

Date Engraving: Please provide month, day, and year and select your preferred font style.

Longitude/Latitude Engraving: Enter street address, zip code, and select your preferred font style. We'll find the coordinates to engrave.

Initials with Heart Engraving: Carefully type the initial(s) EXACTLY as you want it to appear on your product and select your preferred font style. For this item, we use upper case letters. The first set of letters will be on the left and the second set on the right.

Product Specifications

Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Width: 25.40mm (1.00")
Inside Dimension: 63.50mm (2.50")
Weight: 20.589 g (0.726 ounces)
Finish: Polished
Country of Origin: United States

What could be a better way to express your individuality or give a truly unique gift than with personalization?

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